Be your own pace-setter


February 11, 2010...

A few months ago, I was doing my normal running thing on the beach. I was feeling pretty darn fantastic pushing myself at a comfortable pace when all of a sudden I was startled by a runner who blew past me. At first, I was inspired to try and match this runner's pace. I even duplicated his sand print strides in my effort to match his much faster speed.

"I can do that, too!"

And then I got tired. And then I stopped. And then I walked.

It's easy to let others' example set our pace in life. It's completely understandable to want to duplicate others' success, but when we use it as our own benchmark, we can run into failure pretty darn fast.

We need to remember, someone will always be able to run faster. Someone will always make more money, be a better speaker, and have a nicer car. But it's when we try to run as fast, jump as high, and score the same number of points as someone else, we will fail. It's just not us. 

Let's remember to be our own pace-setter in life. If we do, not only do we have the chance to reach our OWN potential, we have the chance to leave our own pretty darn impressive footprints as well.


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