Garbage out...self-mastery in


February 13, 2010...

I love running on the beach. It is exhilarating, idea generating and empowering. It's always a highlight of my day. Every once in awhile, however, the ocean really throws back onto the beach all the garbage we have so carelessly thrown into it. And on those days, I cringe and my run is far less enjoyable. It hurts to see what we are doing close-up to the earth. also serves as a lesson.

Too many times we carry similiar toxic garbage with us in our thoughts, words, and attitudes. It might not take the form of plastic bottles, but it does take the form of "stinking thinking." When toxic thinking enters our thoughts, our ability to find excellence in our work and relationships suffers.

For me? I work on catching myself when I feel a case of toxic thinking coming on. I remind myself "Garbage out...self-mastery in". In doing so, I am able to limit the trash on my mental landscape to just a bottle or two that I can still pick up and throw away.

What do you do to rid yourself of your own toxic thinking?

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