C-o-l-d before h-o-t.


February 16, 2010...

Let me start off by saying that I am lucky. In fact, everyone who lives in southern California is lucky at this time of the year. Sure, our perfect weather is a "little-less perfect" right now...but "Whoa, Nelly!"...let's be realistic! When we see on the news what our friends in other places of this great big country are experiencing, then we need to count our blessings.

But still, I want to write about being c-o-l-d.

It was later in the day...around 4ish, I suppose...when I headed out the door for my daily run. And then it hit me. The chill. Brrrr. And then the inner voice yelled. You know the one. "C'mon, Shawn! You can't run in this cold weather! Are you kidding me? Go back inside!"

But I didn't. I had to run.

For the first ten minutes or so, I had my sleeves pulled all the way down to cover up my cold hands. But then soon, my legs warmed up. My hands reappeared. And I started to move faster. Certainly there was no speed record to be set this day, but there was a lesson to be learned.

Some days in life, we feel "cold" and can't get started. Frequent visits to the coffee machine are a blatant attempt to find some caffeine-assisted m-o-m-e-n-t-u-m.  Non-caffeine junkies simply stare at the clock and begin to ponder what's on TV later that night. Desperately, both camps look to trigger a bit of motion and momentum in their engines.

My run ended with perspiration and my sleeves pulled up. I was h-o-t. And I felt great for pushing through a moment that was hard. In our days...when we push through cold moments...hard moments...slow moments...we can be assured that we will feel victory on the other end. We start to find real confidence in ourselves when we run through the c-o-l-d...and find the h-o-t.

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