A Cold, Hard Truth


February 20, 2010...

I had a conversation recently with somebody regarding why people choose not to focus on personal development. In this conversation, we covered why people shy away from putting in the work necessary to really create the sort of life they desire.

Our conclusions were interesting.

Before I mention some of our conclusions (in brief), let me throw a few rhetorical questions out there:

1. True or false: Do most people desire to be happy?

2. True or false: Do most people desire to be financially secure and/or make more money?

3. True or false: Do most people desire to be fit and healthy?

4. True or false: Do most people desire healthy relationships?

5. True or false: Do most people desire to be passionate about their career?


By a VERY high percentage, the answers are most certainly obvious.

Then back to the question: "Why do people not take the action to do what it takes to succeed?"

1. Because it's hard work.

2. Because they feel powerless that they can really make a difference.

3. Because they have limiting beliefs and believe "change is not possible."

4. Because they fail to put in the time necessary to create change.

5. Because they just choose to accept the status quo of their life.


Life can truly be so much more rewarding. We all want it, but few get it. If you truly do want it, sooner or later a certain cold hard truth needs to be acknowledged:

"If it's gonna' be...it's up to me."



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