"Practice Makes Perfect!"


March 8, 2010...

It could have been shooting free throws, playing the piano, or learning how to dance. It could have been learning how to read, doing multiplication tables, or learning how to type.

In each of these areas we learned that "practice makes perfect." And in those moments that we did find perfection...and success...life felt pretty darn sweet.

Life may have changed a bit regarding what you now practice, but there are TWO items that should be a "Must Add" on your everyday practice list:

1. Practice smiling all the time. By doing so, you will dramatically change how you feel internally. And...you'll notice a big difference how people treat you.

2. Eliminate the need to share negative thoughts with others. Anything negative is not worth sharing, mentioning, or repeating. It has limited value. Become a person known for always focusing on the positive.

Practice these two areas to perfection, and I guarantee your success will climb in virtually every area of your world.

And when that happens, life gets pretty close to feeling perfect.

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