March 26, 2010

I met a guy today who had a tough start in life.

He was born into a family with seven kids. Six siblings had different dads,
and that's because there were twins. One or the other of his parents
had HIV, serious drug addictions, and was incarcerated. He was raised in
different foster homes.

Early in life, he, too, went the wrong way. Few opportunities were open to him, and he sold drugs to survive. He was caught and did jail time.

But today, Angelo Adams is a different guy. He has soft eyes and a kind voice. Gone is the angry man;
present is the man who serves his community. He mentors young people,
works with gang members, and mediates neighborhood conflicts. He helps
those in the community who are in need of services get help.

Angelo is living proof that we can have a re-start in life. He reminds us that
we have that choice.

We would all be lucky to know a guy like Angelo.

I do.



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