Consistency...and the 10 second voice


March 30, 2010...


Sometimes, it's hard to be consistent, huh?

The problem with losing consistency in goals and attitude is we start to
lose our momentum.

When we start to lose our momentum, the passion fires fades...and then
burns out.

On days when you don't want to follow-through...on days you want that
day have two choices:

1. Take the day off. But realize by doing so, you make a second, and a
third day off much more likely.

2. Keep going. During the first ten seconds when your inner voice is
whispering a way out for you, stop that voice immediately. Say, "STOP!"
And then tell yourself why you ARE going to do it. The key is in
stopping the voice before it can become too dominating and convincing.

The bottomline is how many times in your life...when reflecting the
"next" day...have you really regretted working towards the positive?

"Gosh...I wish I hadn't worked on (the name of your goal here)

If you're like me...probably never.

In getting past the ten-second establish consistency...and
eventual success.

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