"Service Light" Indicators...


April 15, 2010...

My service light indicator came on in my car.

No big deal. It's simply a reminder that I need to take my car in and
have it looked at for one of its regular maintenances.

It's expensive...sure...but it keeps me running down the road smoothly.

People have indcators, too.

When people aren't running smoothly, they get frustrated. They get mad.
They lose their patience. They complain. They get the "funkies."

When one of these emotions strike a person, he or she knows it's time to
go in for a "maintenance check" in order to head off a problem down the

If they don't "take-it-in" for "check-up from the neck-up," they could
run into some very costly problems.

So...how have YOU been "running"lately?

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