The Success Chain...


April 19, 2010...

Self-talk is pretty darn important.

In fact, how we talk to ourselves sets a very important chain in motion.
It's a chain that determines how much...or how little...success we will

There are four parts to this success chain, and together they work in perfect link sparks the next. Ultimate success depends on how well
we master each link. If one link is weak, the chain breaks and our
results suffer greatly.

Here's the chain:

1. Your self-talk guides your thoughts.

2. Your thoughts direct your actions.

3. Your actions determine your results.

4. Your results determine your happiness.

Positive self-talk is where everything begins. It inspires your
thinking...which in turn empowers your actions...which leads to
producing stellar results.

Stellar results lead to big smiles.

How much have you been smiling lately?



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