Foot on the gas...and off the brake...


April 24, 2010...

Attitude momentum.

It's always our choice.

We can either hit the brakes or punch the gas. We are good at both; it's just that we never really master when to do either.

When we're feeling "bad"...we often keep that negative train running down the track. We could just as easily hit the brakes, but we choose not to.

When we're feeling "good"...we often switch to slow-down mode and start to wonder "How long will this good ride last?" Slowing down then starts immediately.

Let's reverse when we do...what we do.

Feel "bad"...slam on the brakes! Get off that depressing ride now! Feel "good"...punch the gas and keep your positive momentum going!

Don't wait for a change in circumstances or another person to determine if you hit the brakes or punch the gas. Heck...who knows better than you when to do it...right?


Learn to control those pedals! ALWAYS slam down on the one that gets you going...and keeps you going!

In the RIGHT direction.

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