Which comes first?


April 28, 2010...

To the ancient baffler:

"The chicken or the egg...which came first?"

I wouldn't even begin to pretend to know the answer.

To a more relevant-to-my-life dilemma:

"A positive attitude or success...which comes first?"

I stand up with a much more firm voice: "A positive attitude always comes first."

When we look at the level of our success to determine whether or not to have a positive attitude, we put ourselves in the situation of forever walking around with a frown.

If on the other hand, we choose to have a positive attitude despite our success, we open the door to success truly happening.

A positive attitude is the magnet that draws success. A positive attitude is the horse that pulls the success carriage. A positive attitude is the egg that gives birth to good things happening in our lives.

Practice the positive attitude part first...and later you'll be experiencing the sort of success you desire for your life.

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