The BIG and the small...


April 30, 2010...

We've all heard the expression "Dream BIG!" Somewhere along our life journey, those two words have been whispered into our spirit.

"Dream BIG!"

And why not?

Life is absolutely too short not to shoot as far and high as we can. Dreaming BIG adds makes life exciting...and it allows us to make a difference with our lives.

And if we succeed in accomplishing the "BIG"?!

But how to get there? How do we make make the "BIG" more than mere daydreams?

That's the point where you need to forget thinking "BIG"...and focus entirely on the "small."

Take your "BIG" dream...and break it down into the "small"est detail you possibly can. Break your BIG goal into 100 small steps. And then simply work at completing each small after another.

Forget step 100...for now. Concern yourself only with the next step at hand. Small step by small step. Keep at it...and eventually, the BIG will be accomplished.

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