Energy Givers...Energy Stealers


May 3, 2010...

In all of our all times...we are either "giving energy" or "stealing energy."

Which do you do?

Think for a moment how you interact with others...friends, family, your boss, co-workers, the postman, the grocery clerk...strangers.

What's your tone?

What's your body language?

Are you confrontational or encouraging?

Are you positive or negative?

Are you demanding or supportive?

When someone leaves a conversation with you, how do you feel? How do you think they feel?

It's easy to understand why, success...and people...gravitate to the door of "energy givers."

Which leads us to a potentially challenging question: "Is success currently gravitating to your door?"

If not, then you may need to consider changing your "energy status" in order to change your place in the success line.

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