A time to step back...


May 4, 2010...

Today, I had to take a breath. A big one.

Probably like you, I have a lot of things on my plate right now. The accumulation of those things is pretty heavy at times, and I'm not immune to stress leaking through the cracks in my armor.

The armor part I am kidding about. The stress I am not.

A sponsor says "no." The call you were waiting for doesn't come. The deadline is coming at you like a locomotive with no brakes.

You know all the stress things. They are universal.

So today, I am reminded of a message I once read:

"I am too blessed to be stressed."

I am blessed with a place to live. Food to eat. People in my world who care.

I am blessed with a purpose for my life. Two legs that can move. A mind that can think.

I am blessed with a heart that can feel. Eyes that can see. Ears that can hear.

I am blessed with memories of the past. Goals in the future. And visuals of an amazingly beautiful world all around me.

Yes...I am blessed.

And if I think about all of the above blessings long enough...a funny thing happens to my stress.

It disappears.

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