Let Gravity Go!


May 13, 2010...

One of the early Laws of Science we all learn as a kid is the concept of "gravity"

See how high in the air you can throw the ball up...before it falls back down. Jump off the swing set...and tumble as you land harder than expected. Perhaps you have memories of your own early gravity tests.

Gravity is the main mover and shaper of the universe. It causes the planets to move in orbit around the sun. It causes our feet to stay firmly planted on the ground so we don't float away into space.

Despite the irrefutable force of gravity in our world, many of us attribute a bit more power to it than we actually should. We attach gravity to things that it should not be attached to it.

Like our dreams.

As you look to create the most exciting life you can, ask yourself if you are letting "gravity" hold back some of your future adventures. And if you are, it's time to let go.

Gravity is fantastic at holding the universe together, but it does nothing to help you reach the ultimate heights of success and love and happiness.

Because if we want those things, we have to let gravity go.


By Shawn Anderson

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