Write a Happy Ending...


May 15, 2010...

Today, I heard a story of another person losing her job. Although what I felt upon hearing the news was deep compassion and frustration, I know it wasn't 1/10 of the pain this person was feeling.

I only heard the story. She is living it.

Unfortunately, there are thousands...tens of thousands...hundreds of thousands...millions...of stories over the last year which are generating the same sort of feeling. Perhaps your story is one of them.

If your story is one of them, hang in there.

Everyday, do your best to get up in the morning with a plan for changing your story. Everyday, remember action will bring a happy ending much quicker than worry.

If you know someone with a story, do more than just listen to the story once. Pick up the phone and encourage your friend. Often. Spend some time helping him or her find a job. Often. Find ways to make your friend smile. Often. Your actions can really make a difference in just how hard a time your friend experiences.

Compassion, support, and effort are great gifts to pass forward.

And now is the time.

Now is the time to contribute in writing positive story endings.


By Shawn Anderson

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