Learn and Practice


May 17, 2010...

Think of something you're good at doing.

No. Erase that.

Think of something you're GREAT at doing. (If "great" is possible..."good" just seems so darn mediocre, doesn't it?)

It could be dancing. Or cooking. Or singing. It could be selling, writing or being a parent. It could be shooting free throws, working crossword puzzles, or cheering on your friends.

Find your "something." What is it?

C'mon...really...what is it?  

Okay, now that you have your "something" in mind, consider the confidence you have when you are doing this "something."

Fear is eliminated. Things just flow. You feel great. And it's so darn easy.

Pretty cool, huh?

If only we could be so darn confident in OTHER areas, too. Like relationships. And finances. And being healthy.

But we can be great in those areas, too.

"What the mind of (wo)man can conceive and believe...it can achieve."

So what do we do?

Two things.

Learn and practice. Learn and practice. Learn and practice.

If we want to develop confidence in other areas...just like we each have for our individual "something"...that's the secret: learn and practice.

We need to learn everything we can. And then practice everything we learn. Enough learning and practicing, and confidence soars.

From average.

To good.

To great.


By Shawn Anderson

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