"Choice" Awareness


May 21, 2010...

Choices. They surround us every day.

Little choices. Big choices.

When to get up? Choice.

Your toothpaste this morning? Choice.

What to eat for lunch? Choice.

How to spend your time? Choice.

What to think about? Choice.

Whether or not to smile at the grocery checker? Choice.

In fact, we have so many choices throughout a day that making many of them come from just being on auto-pilot. And that's where we need to watch out.

When we go on auto-pilot, we fail to consider our options. When we fail to consider our options, we risk making unedifying and unproductive choices. When we take ourselves off of auto-pilot, we again take responsibility for our choices...and inevitably...our choices will improve.

"Awareness of choice" makes for better choices.

So what's the application?

If you're finding yourself a bit on the unhappy side today...take a look at some of your previous choices.

And then realize you still have a choice.


By Shawn Anderson

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