Look around you and you'll find the answer


May 23, 2010...

If you want to know your current potential, look around you.

Look at the people in your life.

I strongly believe that we rise and fall in life according to the level of the people with whom we associate. Want to SOAR and live an empowered existence? Hang out with empowered people. Want less than that? Hang out with less than that.

Simple stuff.

I became an excellent golfer at a very young age (capable of breaking 80 before the age of 13) because I played only with adults. Their ability set my standard. Watching them pushed me...encouraged me...empowered me...to be a better player. Never did I play with people my caliber nor my age.

The same can be true of what we do today. If we want to go to a higher life level...hang out with people at a higher life level. Let their examples motivate us to improve and become our "best" person.

Positive, strong, goal-oriented people push us forward. The opposite person...the negative person, the gossiping person...pushes us 180 degress the other direction.

What direction are you moving?

Look around you and you'll find your answer.


By Shawn Anderson

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