"Later" Starts "NOW"!


May 25, 2010...

Later, when the dust clears and you can see the consequences of previous individual decisions, you'll notice a trend: It feels better to have made the hard choice.

1. Later, you wish you had had one less drink.

2. Later, you wish you would have made the decision that pushed you outside your comfort zone.

3. Later, you wish you had exercised.

4. Later, you wish you had made more of an effort.

5. Later, you wish you would have trusted your instinct and taken the risk.

Later. Later. Later.

Want better "laters"?

Then carve this realization into your conscious: "Later" starts "now."

We have the power to make our "laters" feel better, but it begins by doing the right thing in the "now."

What should we do in the "now"?

1. Strike out fear.

2. Eliminate bouts with temporary insanity.

3. Put the shackles on laziness.

4. Decide to do the thing you know you should do.

Because when the "now" is done right...the "later" always has fewer regrets.


By Shawn Anderson

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