Everyday Lessons


May 26, 2010...

I was asked where I get my ideas for my newsletter and my blogs.

The answer is easy: I get ideas from everywhere.

In conversations. From books. From the news. From a movie. From something I see while running.

Everyday, new experiences, conversations, and events enter our lives. Everyday, there is a new story or lesson waiting to be learned. Looking for those stories and lessons daily is what makes each day so extraordinary in comparison to another. Each day truly is unique.

My mindset is that I am lucky. It's how I live every day.

I am lucky to be alive. I am lucky to be able to choose what I do. I am lucky to be able to learn. I am lucky to be able to communicate.

All that luck gives me a sincere appreciation for everything I see. And everything I see strikes a new thought or feeling.

Enjoy the everyday uniqueness of your journey, and perhaps you, too, will find the gift of an everyday lesson.


By Shawn Anderson

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