My November 2008 - November 2009 Daily Affirmation...


December 1, 2008...

In this section of my website, it's my goal to share things as much from my mind and heart as I possibly can. Because of this, I would be disingenuous in not sharing my personal daily affirmation for the next twelve months. Along with a number of other "agenda items" I go over in a morning exercise I call my "Morning Meeting", reading my daily affirmation helps me to set the right, positive tone for the day. It also keeps me focused on my "big picture" agenda for the year. Here is my 11/29/08 - 11/29/09 daily affirmation:

"My 46th year. A year dedicated to TOTAL health. Health in attitude. Health in body. Health in mind. Health in finances. Health in relationships.

Today, I will carry an energized and empowered attitude every step of my walk. I will reject negative situations and experiences that may arise. I will choose to move positively and aggressively forward. I will believe in my purpose...and possibility.

Today, I will enjoy the benefits of having a healthy body. Positive diet decisions, solid exercise efforts, and an empowered discipline over activities that slow me from achieving my goals will highlight my day. I will play with great physical energy.

Today, I will build my mind. I will control what I am feeding my brain, and I will to grow, learn, and evolve.

Today, I will take giant steps in building an exciting, purposeful, and financially rewarding life. I will add great value to others and will be rewarded by words, actions, and dollars. I will create amazing opportunity that fully materializes.

Today, I will create healthy relationships. I will attract positive, selfless, results-oriented winners who seek to rise to a higher physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life quality. I will freely give my best to others in whom I believe.

Today, I create my own life path. No day is an ordinary day...and today is extraordinary in its potential. Peace, harmony, happiness, success, and love are mine in abundance. I take fearless action, and most of all, I make my journey memorable, exciting, and difference-making.

Today is a great day in this great, smile-filled, 46th year."

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