"I am just trying to survive!"


May 28, 2010...

The events and circumstances of our individual lives can take a toll.

From them, it is easy to grow weary and make much less effort to dream and push ourselves. Our biggest goal simply becomes coping. At times, most of us have fallen victim to this "I am just trying to survive!" mentality.

The real danger, however, is the risk of not coming back from our "Just survive!" moment. Instead of rebounding, we grow hard inside. Hard to our dreams. Hard to others. Hard to ourselves.

I hate when I see...or feel...that happen.

If you have felt a bit hard in your own life lately, use that feeling as a wake-up call to do some self-maintenance work. Pull out your self-exploration mechanic tools and look inside your head.

"What's going on in there?" "Why am I feeling hard?"

When we grow hard in life, we lose our inspirational uniqueness...and then our joy in celebrating the small things. We completely lose our own "little kid."

And when that happens...life really does become less fun.

Don't you hate that?


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