"It is what it is."


May 31, 2010...

"It is what it is."

That's how I have learned to deal with news. The bad kind.

Instead of creating an emotional frenzy for myself, I accept it.

Again, "It is what it is."

At the surface, news is just news. We determine what kind of emotional spin we are going to associate with it. The more emotional we make the news...casting it in either a negative or positive direction...determines how are brain starts to handle it.

It's really our choice.

We can choose to see news in a VERY bad light and cause us "crazy worry." Or we can take that same news and see it as a challenge in which we need to solve. Choosing the first option plays havoc with our day. Choosing the second option gives us a sense of empowerment.

And empowerment is always better than havoc.

So next time you get news that your brain does its best to convince you is terrible...back away. "It is what it is." Deal with it. Solve it. Accept it.

And then move forward with the least amount of emotional damage to your day.


By Shawn Anderson

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