Adding "emotion to your motion"


June 3, 2010...


"Yep...I did that, too...check."

Working items off a "To Do" list always has its benefits. In this, there is no doubt. But sometimes, it's HOW WE DO the things that we check off the list that can really produce results.

Of course, there is nothing like taking action on our daily plan. Running through the tasks on the list gives us a feeling of accomplishment. And this is good.

But when "great" is possible...who in the heck wants just "good"?

For some reading a daily affirmation for example...just doing it is not as effective unless some energy and emotion is added to it. With emotion added, we add another notch to our performance...and our results. Good turns into great.

"Emotion in our motion" makes us believers in ourselves.

With emotion added to your motion, belief works its way into the cracks of your success conscious. You become more passionate about life. And when you add passion, everything just takes off.

So next time you start undertaking items on your "To Do" list, add some "emotion to the motion." Because when you do, your entire emotional, physical, and mental energy truly has the chance to catch fire.


by Shawn Anderson 

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