The SUM of the "SOMES"


June 4, 2010...

We each are unbelievably unique. It's not cliche. No way.

Some of us are leaders. Some of us are encouragers, doers, and great at supporting others. Some of us love detail, while others love big picture thinking. Some are great in groups...and some are fantastic one-on-one. Some are great with numbers...and others with ideas. Some love helping and teaching...while others love building and creating. We have a whole bunch of "SOMES"...and we need them all.

The "SUM" of the "SOMES" is what builds great companies, organizations, and families. Too often, we forget that we are just a single part in the entire "sum" and we truly need others. Sometimes, our giant egos get in the way, and we act too much like individuals...and forget the other "SOMES."

And when we do this, failure often follows.

Don't forget to show gratitude for all the other parts that make your business, your organization, your team, or your family really click. Say "thank you!" Tell others they're valuable. Share with each team member just how important his or her role is.

And often, when we show appreciation to others, ALL the "SOMES" come together to make the "SUM" even greater.


by Shawn Anderson 

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