One word NEVER to avoid


June 5, 2010...

It's easy to slip.

At one moment, we can be pushing optimistically towards a goal like "the little engine that could" when all of a sudden we come to a screeching halt.

I hate that part.

The hill gets steeper and we get tired. We get news that disagrees with our goal intentions. We lose our edge and our drive. And then we quit.

And that's bad...really, really bad.

But there is one way to help assure that you won't quit. And this is good...really, really good.

Ready for it?  

Okay...cover your ears for a moment while I whisper the word out loud first. It's a word that causes us to squirm initially, and it takes some adjusting of your attitude to get used to it.

Here I go. "Accountability." it's out there. Here it is one more time:


Throw in a bit of daily life accountability and watch what happens Your energy increases. Your drive becomes more passionate. You set yourself on fire. (In a positive way, of course!) Add positive habits to your life every single day and you end up appreciating just how great it feels to be focused and heading in a successful direction.

And that feels great...really, really great.



by Shawn Anderson



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