A Few "Accountability" Tips...


June 6, 2010...


Want a few accountability tips?

Here are seven "success anchors" I practice every day:

1. I exercise daily. When my body has positive energy so does my mind and that floods over into my emotional state.

2. I read empowering words daily. I squeeze out the negative garbage by pushing in a ton of empowering information. Reading also sparks my positive creativity.

3. I make sure to work on my big goal every single day. I designate a time period where I know "Now's the time!"

4. I keep a daily journal of my progress. A journal is an amazing self-awareness tool that keeps me one step ahead of slipping hard.

5. I accept all news...good and bad...as just news. "It is what it is." This way, bad news doesn't hit me as hard and I can keep forging ahead without throwing in the towel.

6. I surround myself with people with winning attitudes. It eliminates negative energy and it feeds my attitude.

7. I share an empowered attitude and positive words everywhere and with everyone. Always sharing positive always keeps me positive.

At first, working these accountability measures into my schedule was challenging. No...let's find a better word...it was flat out "tough." But Now? I want the accountability. I feed off it. I realize the accountability is what makes my whole world stronger, better and more vibrant.

Try it. Add more personal accountability into your world. If you do, I can assure you that you will find yourself continually chugging up your goal mountain at a far more consistent pace.

By Shawn Anderson

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