Little Victories


June 7, 2010...

Sometimes, we get so caught up chasing our BIG goals that we fail to celebrate the awesome little victories that we may experience along the way.

Let's remember NOT to do that.

When we take the time to cheer and clap for our small successes, we give ourselves the "juice" to keep pushing forward for the BIG ones. When we ignore the small triumphs, everything becomes just one gigantic "effort."  

And that's no fun at all.

Celebrating the little "I did it!" moments keeps us in the present. It helps us to live our life in the "now" rather than always chasing something in the future. It keeps us "thriving" happily rather than always "striving" determinedly.

Sure, BIG successes make our life exciting...but it's the little successes that have the potential to remind us that "Hey, life is really, really fun!"


By Shawn Anderson

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