"Walking Unconsciousness"


June 8, 2010...

Achieving excellence in life requires awareness.


Too often, too many of us simply go through the motions. We do the minimum to survive. We do only what it is necessary to "get by." Pushing forward is far less important than just maintaining.

We procrastinate on the internet at work when we know the coast is clear. We load up on prescriptions to "fix" health problems rather than dedicate time to exercise or maintaining a proper diet. Our pride...then bitterness... kicks in when we watch others succeed wondering why "others get all the luck." We put the blame on "the other person" in relationships that have soured.

We seem to be aware of everything around us. Just not ourselves.

I call this "walking unconsciousness."

Sure, we're awake...we're "doing our thing"...we're interacting with others...but yet we truly are just coasting through life. Limited effort. Inconsequential goals. Just existing.

And then we get old. And then life is over. And then we wonder "why things couldn't have been different."

If you want your life to be different...later...start being different...now. Develop a "conscious awareness." Be aware of what you're thinking and feeling. Be aware of your interactions. Be aware of your actions.

Be aware of "you."

And then watch how rich and invigorating life...and success...can truly be.


By Shawn Anderson

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