The Easy Road...Part 3


June 26, 2010...

What do we truly gain by taking the easy out at any moment?

I'll tell you.

1. Take the easy road once, and we make it easier every time that follows to take that same path. Follow that route too many times and your life ends up being filled talking about other's success rather than living your own success.

2. Take the easy road, and we begin to get comfortable setting a low bar for ourselves in life. We stay in first grade forever.

3. Take the easy road, and we begin to lose faith in ourselves in being able to take on really big life goals. Why should we go after a big goal? Our brain knows that our weak day-to-day discipline is going to stop us from achieving it why start? Our brain tries its best to soften the disappointment blow so it convinces us for the moment that we really do care what Kate's wardrobe evolution has been for the last seven years.

So...and I write this to me...for me (You can jump on in and claim the challenge, too, if you'd like.): "Don't you really...truly...unhesitatingly...deserve the very best?"

Funny thing is, when I ask myself that question, I see everything more clearly. The question brings me back to total self-awareness...and the now. And it makes moving past the current tiredness much, much easier.


By Shawn Anderson

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