The Law of Attraction...and other "Ax Sharpening" Tools


August 7, 2010...

I went to a meeting recently regarding The Law of Attraction. I do my best to consistently link up with people and books that help me keep my "ax sharpened."

With concepts and The Law of is important to remember that what they are really all about is developing a deeper self-awareness. The deeper self-awareness has one purpose and that is to help us answer the question:

"Is what I am currently doing in my life helping me to produce the results I desire?"

You want better outcomes and improved results?

One word: ACTION.

It's easy to want to follow teacher after teacher...lessons after lesson...but none of those will ever be a substitute for increased effort or focused ACTION.

That's how relationships is made...opportunity is created.

Want better results? Take more action.

What do you think?

By Shawn Anderson

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