10 Things 2 Opposite People Might Say...


August 24, 2010...

People who look at the "possibility" of life...versus the "problems" of life just flat out enjoy life more. Let's take a look:

Person #1 (Ten things a problem-oriented person might say):

"The car needs new tires." "There's no money in the checking account." "I am fighting with my friend." "My wife forgot again." "I don't feel good." "This week has been impossible!" "I got another parking ticket." "My boss is an ignoramus!" "My staff is entirely unmotivated!" "It's tough to get good service."

Person #2 (Ten things a possibility-oriented person might say):

"We're going to land this account!" "That's a great idea for a business!" "Let's plan something fun!" "I met a great person!" "I bought a new book." "Your new job sounds promising!" "I'm all for joining!" "Let's start jogging together!" "I'm going to go for it!" "Ill do it!"


Are you looking for "problems"...or "possibility" in your life?

By Shawn Anderson

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