"Kid School"


February 28, 2009...

The other day I splashed through rain puddles. And it was fun. Forget the fact that my shoes got soaked all the way through to my socks. Forget the fact that I am 46.

Do remember that it was completely liberating.

It was pouring rain...and I mean pouring. The wind was blowing exceptionally hard which added to the rain's sting. At first, I thought I was crazy to be out there choosing to go for a run. My brain shouted out the fact that it was okay to miss a day of exercise, and if I only turned around, I could find warmth and dryness again. I didn't listen and turned down my hearing aid to myself.

Instead, what I chose to do was smile. And then I convinced myself to experience something new.

There must be a reason why little kids love to splash in the rain. There must be a reason why little kids love to do a lot of things actually. As we get older, however, we seem to have forgotten all of those reasons.

Today I went back to "Kid School" and discovered a moment that was chalk full of creative thinking and personal confidence. I found a moment where it felt amazing to be me.



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