Cathedrals and Castles


March 16, 2009...

This past weekend, I returned from a trip to Great Britain. As a reward for finishing my last book, I wanted to give myself an "Atta' boy!" Celebrating our successes is important. It's what gets us through more challenging times when victories seem slower in coming.

In visiting England, Wales, and Scotland, I was overwhelmed by the history of the United Kingdom. I saw cathedrals and castles that had been standing four times longer than the United States has even been a country. I was surrounded by thousands of years of historical richness.

I was also surrounded by one very big reminder

Everywhere I went...everything I saw...I was subtly reminded that life is short and that we are all here for just a brief moment in the continuum of time. The sights constantly prompted me to ask myself, "What will my legacy be? What will I be remembered for?"

Big questions.

How about you? What will your legacy be? How will you be remembered?

We might not be sure of those answers exactly...but one thing is for certain...the answers will be rooted in the seeds we individually plant today.

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