Extra Mile Kindness


March 17, 2009...

In flipping through the journal notes I wrote of last week's trip to Great Britain, I was given the chance to smile. Again.

One of the greatest rewards of my trip was how many amazing people I met. There was Arno the flight attendant from Holland, Nelson the businessman from Nigeria, and Darren, the international artist who created amazing sculptures out of surfboards. And those people were only the ones that I met on the returning flight back to the states!

Over and over again on the trip, I was graciously shown by the people of Britain what true extra-mile kindness is. Despite my destination being out of their way, I was allowed to follow three different people in their cars on three separate occasions when I was totally lost. I was given the sincere time and energy of people helping me when I had questions. I was given kind words everywhere. I was given a chocolate Easter egg in a pub.

Was it because I had a different accent? Was it because I smile a lot? Nah. It was because these people cared to help. It was because to these people, other people mattered.

Next time somebody asks me here at home for help when they're lost, I am going to remember the people of Wales, Scotland, and England. And I, too, am going to take a little extra time in looking at their map.


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