"Wishes" turned to "Goals"...


November 7, 2010...

"I wish..." is popular.

"I wish I had a nicer car." "I wish I had a job that paid more." "I wish I had gone to college." "I wish I could date a girl like that." "I wish I had more money in the bank." "I wish I had more customers." "I wish my kids cared about studying more." "I wish I could lose weight." "I wish I could find the courage to tell him."

Again, "I wish" is popular.

Unfortunately, many people spend their whole lif wishing. The thinking goes, I suppose, is that if you throw enough wishes into the universe, one or two of them might come true.

But there is another option.

Yu could take a more active role in "wish granting" and take your whole list of wishes and call them a different name: "goals." In my eyes, that seems like a much more reliable way to make wishes come true.

By Shawn Anderson

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