Stopping Fear


November 9, 2010...

I'm sure you've experienced it.

That sick feeling in your stomach that has the ability to make you stop moving forward. That voice shouting in your head, "Don't take the risk! Don't do it!" That singular moment when you put everything on hold...and quit.

The experience is FEAR, and its effects can be debilitating beyond imagination. It can be life stopping.
FEAR causes us to quit. It causes us to stay. FEAR causes us to run. It causes us never to begin. FEAR causes us to pretend it doesn't matter. It causes us to pretend it does matter.

But what FEAR is most responsible for is living a life less sweet, less exciting, and much more mundane.

Next time you feel FEAR, recognize that you are moving out of your comfort zone. Realize that you are growing. Realize that you are opening yourself up to positive "possibility."
Realize all of this...and then cast FEAR aside.

Choose BETTER over FEAR.

By Shawn Anderson

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