"Success Moments"


March 18, 2009...

Although I am still two weeks away from holding Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos in my hands, I had a fun moment in anticipation of my new book arriving today. A copy of the actual cover was delivered.


The "Wow!" is not about the design or how it looks; it's about that it's real. The book is done

When we take on projects that take tons of planning and an amazing amount of time to complete, it's a fantastic feeling when we finally bear witness to the fruit of our labor. It's those special moments along the way when you see events materializing, and you know everything you dreamed about is going to happen. It's those special moments when you feel a rush of adrenaline and get that happy "jazzed" feeling.

I call these "Success Moments."

Today, I had a "Success Moment"...and it was sweet! Let me take it even a notch higher. The feeling was exhilarating!

From book conceptualization...through the creative process of writing...to the grind of the editing...and finally working with the printer...my book became super real to me today. Working on big dreams adds magic to life. They add purpose...and passion...and in my case today, a pretty amazing "Success Moment."

Oh...and by the way...the book is pretty darn good, too. You should read it.





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