Running Solo


March 20, 2009...

I've kept it pretty low key so far, but this summer I am taking on a pretty cool project. I've hinted about it here and there, and although the project itself is already taking hours a day in the planning, I've waited to really go all-out in publicizing it.

The project is "The Extra Mile America Tour" (

This summer, I will be riding a bike across the country ocean-to-ocean...yes, the pedal type...encouraging people to go the extra mile in their own lives. I won't get into the details here as that moment will soon be coming.

But before I do begin to really "push" this cross-country bike ride, I desire to have both the website running full force...and a rock-solid publicist in place. The website designer is going hard. And Gabriel is great. On the publicist front, I have spent tens and tens of hours researching and talking to people from New York to Los Angeles. I have finally made it to the home stretch of deciding...and when I make that final decision, I will know that I found the best person for me.

What I sincerely want to encourage in today's writing, however, is the fact that when we bring others onboard in our companies and our projects, we truly allow ourselves to experience success to a higher degree than was originally possible. Teammates...positive, results-oriented "partners"...are invaluable in taking something from "good" to "great."

Running solo may be great for a beach run which I so much love to do, but running solo in our goals is never quite as effective. Think B-I-G...and when you do, think of who can help you.


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