"Exhausting" Versus "Exhilarating"


March 22, 2009...

Wow! Today was an outrageously windy day in Marina del Rey, California! But trust me, I am not going to be complaining about the weather because I recognize that weather wise, southern California residents are some of the luckiest people in the world.

But that fact aside...whoa was it windy!

During my afternoon run on the beach, I really felt it. My pace was definitely slower than normal, but most certainly my effort was much more intense. Which brings me to my point in my writing today.

As I was running, I passed a smiling woman who said to a friend, "That sure makes for an exhausting day!" Hearing her words made me realize just how tired I was. But then I changed my mental tone.

"Exhausting"? No. How about "exhilarating"! That's how I felt. How I chose to feel.

Running. Pushing my body. Feeling the force of the wind. Watching the birds trying to fly into the wind. Noticing how much more powerful the ocean waves were.


The energy we feel in our body is a direct reflection of the meaning we give things in our mind. When we start to drag....or feel a bit less energized...analyze how you're thinking at that moment. If you catch yourself thinking thoughts less empowering than normal, than sure your energy level will drop.

It's all about the "spin" you give things in that computer that sits on your shoulders. "Exhausting"? Exhilarating"? It's whatever you truly decide it to be.

And I have to tell you, "exhilarating" is sure in the heck a lot more motivating. And, yes, it certainly does make a long run on a windy day much more fun!

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