Playing Santa


March 24, 2009...

"Positive encouragement" is the most beautiful gift you could ever give another person. It can come in the spoken form...or the written form. It doesn't matter. Both forms have such an enormous ability to raise another's spirit to the highest levels.

And to me, that's a pretty darn special gift. 

Truly...can you really even think of a gift more wonderful than empowering, encouraging, and propelling another to a feeling of "YES! I can!"? Positive feedback, unselfish empowerment, heart-felt me...these are the gifts that have the potential to make us feel like a $1,000,000 bill. These are the gifts that can change another's world.

Last night, a very good friend took the time to share something from her heart. It was uplifting and empowering beyond measure. Being given the keys to a new car fully paid for wouldn't have been as powerful...and valuable.

It was a pretty cool moment for me.

And the beauty about sharing empowering words with others is that it doesn't cost a thing.'s FREE! Not only is it free to give, but we have an endless supply of these "freebies" to pass out.

And to me again, that is the also pretty darn cool.

So, my message for today? Don't let your bag of "positive encouragement" sit unopened. Untie that bottomless, Christmas-like bag...dig deep inside...grab a handful of positive "words"....and share them with others in your world.

Oh...and one final thought.

If you choose to open your special gift bag and really share what is inside, I am betting that not only will you help someone else become extraordinarily richer...but in the will, too.

So why not play Santa everyday to those deserving of your encoragement?

PS: And to my friend? Thank you. Thank you so much! You wear your Santa hat well!

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