That Little Voice...


March 25, 2009...

Physically, my body feels pretty wiped out. I've started a two-exercise-a-day-training regimen in order to prepare for a big endurance challenge I will be beginning in a few months. Soon, I will be pedaling a bike 60+ miles a day...every day...for about 60-70 days. And for age 46...that's a pretty lofty goal. 

What I am noticing most about being physically tired though (besides the weary legs!) is that it has the potential to greatly affect my work effort. After I am through exercising, a small voice in my brain tries to convince the rest of me that it's okay to put it on cruise control for the rest of the day and take it easy.

But that's not REALLY what I want. But it sure in the heck sounds good at the time!

Regardless of what I want...or don't's always a challenge to run from that "little voice" inside. "C'mon, Shawn! You've been working hard! Take a breather today! Coast the rest of the day!" 

Perhaps you've been there.

The voice that says, "Don't do that!" The voice that says, "Just one more!" The "little voice" that convinces us, "Tomorrow is a better day to start."

It's that "little voice"...the one that seems to have mastered the art of rationalization...which truly does NOT have our best intention. It's THAT "little voice" that we need to learn to understand...and then control.

If you have big dreams in your life, I can assure you that "little voice" inside you will try to speak with as big as voice as possible. The "little voice" thinks it is keeping you safe by having you not put in a full effort. The "little voice" thinks it is protecting you from possible failure or potential rejection.

But it's not.

What it is keeping you from, however, is reaching your full potential. And when you realize THAT, you'll have the power to say "NO! to that "little voice" forever.

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