The Fear of Uncertainty


April 4, 2009...

Fear. It drives so much of what we do.

We are afraid to search for new jobs in order to find something potentially more appealing and rewarding. We fear the consequences of starting a business. We are terrified to take the next step in the relationship. 

Unfortunately, fear often runs our life.

There is a general law of "Success Science" that basically tells us that we can't carry in our minds both a dominating fear that prevents us from taking action AND a passionate desire to do great things with our lives.

They don't go together. They are incompatible. If you choose one, you can't have much of the second.


We crave to find as much "certainty" in life as we can. "Uncertainty" scares us. We want the sure thing because it keeps us warm and cozy in our protected comfort zones. Anytime we even dare think of stepping outside of "warm and cozy", a self-preservation mechanism is triggered in our brain which then shouts out on cue, "It's safer to stay where you are! Don't do it!"

The BIG question is, though, "How bad do you really want your life to change for the great?"

Because if you really want it...if you really want to live a memorable, extraordinarily difference-making have to quit attaching "fear" to anything "uncertain."'

May I suggest a possible change? How about attaching "invigorating, dynamic, hugely rewarding...and potentially fantastic" to "uncertainty"?

If you do, not only will you give yourself permission to accept change more readily, but maybe...just'll convince your brain it is far more fun to make dreams come true.



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