50 Miles


April 5, 2009...

Yesterday, I pedaled 50 miles. Today, I am jazzed.

My bike ride on Saturday was a good push. I had nailed a couple of twenty mile rides on the three previous days and felt that it was time to take things up another notch...psychologically. Looking to pedal 65 miles a day for over sixty days in a row this summer, I wanted to start creating a mindset where I knew that I could handle that many miles. Physically, I am less concerned. Psychologically...well...that's the greater test.

Goals that demand time, effort, and consistency every day are often the toughest goals to achieve. These are the goals where the consistent effort required starts to press on us. It becomes easier to tone down the scope of the goal or to quit altogether.

But if we really, really want something bad enough...we can't quit. Psychologically, we have to stay strong and push forward. My goal of biking the U.S. ocean-to-ocean solo is one of those "stay strong" type goals.

How about you?

Is there a big goal in your life that you've let slip because pyschologocally you're growing weary? If so, this is how I am working through my BIG goal:

1. I only have to do my best one day at a time. I don't worry about doing every "mile" at once. I break my goal down into small steps and just do what I have to do on each given day.

2. When I am tired, I acknowledge it. And then l melt my tiredness into TWO distinct choices: A. "Would I feel better LATER taking a break now?, or B. "Would I feel better LATER pushing through my tiredness and chipping away a bit more at my goal?

Putting things into perspective of "How will I feel later?" always seems to give me a bit more willpower. And more often than not...later always feels so much better.

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