There is no silver bullet


April 10, 2009...

Some people seem to be on a perpetual quest to find that once-in-a-lifetime get-rich-quick scheme.

"If I can only find that one opportunity...everything will just come easy!"

My experience is that achieving legitimate financial success comes wrapped in hard work. There is no easy way. There is no magical money-making elixir. There is no silver bullet.

Just hard work. And time.

Certainly, you need to be involved in the sort of opportunity that will pay dividends when you do apply tons of elbow grease. For those who currently work in a career where you can't control the size of your paycheck, consider applying this hard work principle to a home-based, after-work business concurrent with your present job. Find something that you have immense passion towards...and create a money-making opportunity from your passion.

And then? hard...really hard...and watch possibility unfold.

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