"Thank you, little Bobby!"


April 11, 2009...

I went to an Easter egg hunt today.

I love watching the little, little kids all dressed up being guided around the Easter egg field by their parents. The little kid is interested in picking up and evaluating each plastic egg that he or she finds as if it is quite the magical treasure. The parents, on the other hand, are more apt to be heading off to the next egg...and thinking no one is watching...pick it up and put into little Bobby's basket.

It's a fun movie that plays out. There is mystery on whether or not the little kid will ever find egg #2, there is drama in watching if Bobby Sr. will have a meltdown because Bobby Jr. is NOT moving forward...and there is comedy in watching it all unfold.

In all, it makes for a good day. No...it makes for a really, really good day.

Taking time to enjoy the small pleasures in life is really where the true joy of experiencing life comes. To me, it's not in achieving the really BIG goal...or making millions. It's in watching how fascinated little Bobby is with his Easter egg find.

"Thank you, little Bobby...you did great!"

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