212 degrees


April 17, 2009...

The smallest difference can make a big difference.

In sporting events, we see it all the time. The putt that rims out forcing a golfer to miss the qualifying cut...and thus a payday. The 1/100 of a second difference that decides the Gold and the Silver medals in the Olympics. The field goal that wins the game with just one tick still left on the clock. The 9th inning called third strike that nicks the corner of the plate and sends one baseball team home celebrating...and the other team home lamenting.

A little difference can make a big difference.

It can in our world, too.

Recently, I was pursuing a candidate for a specific job I was offering. Initially, she sent an email turning down the opportunity. I didn't give up. Instead of accepting her initial response, I contacted her again and shared with her why she should give it a couple more days of consideration. She did...and two days later...she said "yes." 

A little difference made a big difference.

Water is very hot at 211 degrees. It boils at 212 degrees. That simple one degree difference produces steam. Steam can power a 200 ton freight train up a mountain.

A little difference can make a huge difference.

And that's what you need to think about the next time you start thinking about accepting a result with which you are not entirely pleased. You need to consider asking yourself "Did I really do everything possible?"

One more little effort could potentially produce a giant difference in your outcome.

And that little difference could change your day.

 And maybe even your world.

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