Deep-Sea Goal Fishermen


April 23, 2009...

Sometimes...heck, often times...things just don't go as we'd like.

The new job isn't what was expected. The revised marketing plan falls flat. The once-promising relationship grows cold. It's just life.

The truth is, if you aren't experiencing a bunch of little disappointments in your world, you more than likely aren't casting your goal net far enough out there. The big fish just don't swim that close to shore, and if you're always fishing close, life will eventually seem pretty monotonous catching only minnows.

Still, for us deep-sea goal fishermen, it's easy to get the "Dejected, Rejected Blues" if our nets always keep coming up empty. So what do we do? Do we start fishing closer to shore and dream of catching smaller fish?

It's an option, no doubt.

But is it really the sort of fisherman you were meant to be?

I believe that when we learn to enjoy the adventure of "catching the big one" as much as actually catching it, we will have a better chance of one day landing it. That alone is a pretty cool reason to stay out there on the ocean. "Just maybe, one more time..."

So when your net runs through a series of empty worries. Relax and remind yourself that it's all just a part of big sea goal fishing. Try taking your thoughts and eyes off what may or may not be coming up in the nets...and take pride in actually looking at where you are and what you are doing.

You're a deep-sea goal fisherman...and you're going for it!

And isn't that what success really is?

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