By the Time You Read This...


Nervousness. Tension. Anxiety.

At this very second...I am feeling an awesome roller coaster of each.    

And of course, it is super uncomfortable. 

But is it not unexpected.

I am writing this two days before I leave to walk hundreds of miles solo across the United Kingdom. As you read this, I will have landed in London and am now at the very beginning of walking border-to-border across England...and then Ireland. 

At this very moment, as the words leave my fingers and hit this page, my brain is spinning with "OMG!", and my body is flooded with nervous tension. It's my 100% experience, however, that both feelings are faithful to start their crazy dance every time we consider stepping an inch...or a foot...or 500 miles out of our comfy lives.

When we understand this, we give ourselves the opportunity to move forward.

Now you may not be walking across the United Kingdom, but you may be contemplating a job change, considering a surgery, or reflecting on finding a new relationship or getting out of an old one. You may be weighed down thinking about some really heavy stuff: a huge opportunity, a life-changing decision, a gigantic challenge. But whatever the "OMG!" currently haunting your mind is, don't let the roller coaster of fear stop you from going on the "ride."

You got this.

I got this.

We can do it.

Let's not let fear, anxiety and tension clip our wings. 

We are meant to fly.

And it's time.

It's time to fly.

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